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sunshine r.

fake Puri-Kura, using my sister's phone and the fun frame feature.

where have all the Neoprint stations gone? i don't see them anymore (except in Japan). years ago they were everywhere. even the cafeteria in my dormitory used to have one! they were fun and useful until phone with built-in cameras came along. i remember my friends and i used to swap these. we would argue who gets the funniest shots. i always ended up with the rejects, because i'm such a nice friend, hah.

oh, there was also one time when we went to a small canteen near school. we noticed that someone had stuck some guy's purikura on condiment bottles and toothpick holders. it was torn in half, so we assumed it was either a) an ex-girlfriend's revenge; or b) a mean joke done by friends. tsk, tsk.

this is totally unrelated, but i just discovered this band Human Television last night and i just couldn't stop listening to their songs, particularly "I Forgot" (which explains the subject line; that's my favourite lyric). it's been on repeat since 8:30am, and it's past 1 in the afternoon now.
Current Music: i forgot / Human Television